OdorPrep® V3: On -demand air sampling system

OdorPrep® is an on-demand air sampling system.

OdorPrep® is equipped with an integrated control panel and it comes with its own dedicated mobile application for the remote control of the system: allowing the operation of all sample lines, or individually as required. The OdorPrep application is available on Play Store©.

3 sampling method are available:

[T] On-demand odor sampling method to EN13725 (Nalophan™ bags)

The sampling line has an adjustable flow valve allowing sampling versatility. Duplicate or individual samples can be taken to allow for maximum flexibility and improved collection of the odorous air. The sampling lines are equipped with a protection system to preserve the sample following collection.
The sampling, storage and transport containers of the sample are rigid and sealed to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The containers are returned for analysis in an accredited laboratory.

[F] On-demand sampling module for thermal or chemical desorption cartridge

The sampling line includes a high-quality vacuum pump and mass flow controller for ensuring the correct flow rate is maintained and a record of the total sampling volume is provided.

[C] On-demand sampling module on Canister

The sampling line is equipped with a control unit for the remote opening and closing of the specialist valve, a dedicated digital pressure sensor monitors any vacuum losses while the sampler is operational. The canister sampling lines are independent. Sampling can be performed on several lines simultaneously or in sequence. The sampling unit is equipped with a temperature control system to allow the correct storage of the samples and the sampling temperature above the dew point, avoiding condensation. At the end of the sampling period a notification is sent to the operators so that collection of the canisters can be arranged.

Available sampling lines Abbreviation
Rigid and opaque vacuum tube for sampling on Nalophan © bag T
Sampling module on a thermal-chemical desorption cartridge F
Sampling module on Canister C

Configuration I° Line II° Line III° Line IV° Line
TT Nalophan™ Nalophan™ X X
FF Cartridge Cartridge X X
CC Canister Canister X X
TF Nalophan™ Cartridge X X
TC Nalophan™ Canister X X
FC Cartridge Canister X X
TFC Nalophan™ Cartridge Canister X
TTF Nalophan™ Nalophan™ Cartridge X
FFC Cartridge Cartridge Canister X
CCF Canister Canister Cartridge X
CCFF Canister Canister Cartridge Cartridge

OdorPrep V3 – On-demand sampling system
Power supply 220 VAC ; 24 VDC ; 50-60 Hz
Dimension (L x H x D) 82 cm x 125 cm x 50 cm (sampling point excluded)
Communication 3G / 4G (SIM card not included)
Protection IP65 – Key box panel lock
Weight 100 Kg
Transport Cart with 4 swivel and self-locking wheels

[T] Sampling module on Nalophan bag™
Sampling method Lung principle Material Nalophan™ bag (not included)
Nominal flow 8.5 l/min. Collection tube PVC stiff and opaque
Operating flow 1.2 – 5.6 l/min. Tube dimension (cm) 82 H x 15 ID x 19 OD
Volumetric capacity 10 l Weight Approx. 5 Kg

[F] Sampling module on thermal or chemical desorption cartridge
Sampling Solid adsorption support (not included)
Operating flow 20 ml/min. – 1300 ml/min.

[C] Sampling module on Canister

The duration of the sampling depends on the restrictor used. Below are some examples of sampling durations depending on the restrictor and the Canister volume.

  • On-demand sampling as odor happens
  • Variable sampling time options
  • Samples taken in accordance with EN13725
  • Samples for qualitative or quantitative analytical analysis
  • Automatic or Remote activation options available